The Cowin e7 Pro Review | Should You Buy It in 2022?

If you want to read the Cowin E7 Pro headphone review, you are at the right place. Cowin e7 Pro is one of the finest pair of headphones available in the market.

There are plenty of excellent headphone models presented by the manufacturers. However, in this article, we would talk about the Cowin e7 Pro review.

Occasionally, it gets problematic to select a decent set of headphones from so many brilliant models. The main aspect while searching for a model is its price tag.  Besides, you want to pick a set that ensemble to your requirements as well as budget.

Not all people need headphones for their professional usage such as music production, DJ tasks, or playing games. Relatively, maximum folks purchase headphones for their spontaneous use.

Undoubtedly, the Cowin E7 Pro headset is the finest bass model that is not only reasonably priced but also has excellent quality.

Also, this amazing model is a perfect choice for the people who don’t want to devote lots of money yet don’t compromise on excellence as well.

So, just put a glance at the detailed exploration in this Cowin E7 Pro review.

Unboxing the Cowin E7 Pro

The Cowin arrives in a black case in which you would get a micro USB charging wire, the finest quality transport pouch & a 3.5 mm AUX acoustic wire. If you want to present it to your family or friends as a gift, it’s a nice option. 

Available in 7 Different Colors  

Cowin is available in 7 dissimilar color options: White, Black, Pink, Green, Red, Purple & Blue. So, after reading the Cowin E7 Pro review, you might avail this amazing model according to your color preferences.

Durability & Design

As for durability, the Cowin E7 Pro isn’t particularly durable however is robust enough for cautious individuals, it’ll remain exactly by your side.

The construct quality is upgraded above the genuine over-ear headset, particularly around the ear design of ear cups. The E7 comprises a polished texture on its plastic material that makes it appear like low-priced than it is.

On the other hand, the Cowin E7 Pro has an extra matte texture as well as darkened end parts where the band comes across the earbuds. Though the E7 Pro is as well prepared with plastic, the appealing design adoptions create it look extra attractive with the presentation quality.

It is a nice & reasonably priced preference for traveling. However, isn’t the maximum long-lasting or contented headphone model in its price range.

The Cowin E7 Pro review would tell you that it appears just about the same as the genuine E7. However, it contains changed backplates on its ear cups. That provides it extra exceptional charm cheers to the scrubbed metallic expression, however, all else is fairly similar.

The ear cups have an equal size & form, the headband as well isn’t altered & even the setting of the keys is identical to the previous model.

In this Cowin E7 Pro review, you will know that the arrangement of buttons in the E7 Pro is the same as in the original E7. However, it has a little poorer criticism as the keys are flat on the back of its ear cups. Moreover, the design is a little extra set apart nevertheless still senses somewhat confined at the right ear cup.

The headband comprises decent manufacturing with a metallic surround for support. But, the plastic consumed on the ear cups appears inferior quality as well as a little fragile. It won’t break with a couple of drops however, the ear cups & joints don’t look much durable.


The padded ear cups comprise memory foam besides, are perfectly soft to deliver extreme comfort to the wearer for extended music listening sessions. Moreover, its ear cups rotate at 90-degree to fit easily in the transport pouch and make it easy to hang around your neck.

It arrives including keys on the ear cups to create your listening involvement extra comfortable than other models. These keys include play/pause, receiving calls, volume control, transferring to the former or afterward track & switch on/off.

The ear cup comprises a great-quality integrated microphone as well. Also, the Active NC technology combined with the padded ear cups permits noise lessening throughout your commute, your professional tasks, and much more.

Still, they have a problem with the headband that has not the ability to outspread sufficiently to lodge all head extents. But, the Cowin E7 Pro review tells that they’re comfortable as well as lightweight to wear.

Although they aren’t painful, however, because the headband isn’t flexible enough & the ear cups are a little smaller in size, they might become a little irritating to use for extended sessions.

Battery Life

In the Cowin E7 Pro review, we shall also talk about its excellent battery life. This excellent model has a constant battery time of 30 hours with a complete charge. So, it’s sufficient battery timing for all types of users.

Of course, the battery is surely 30 hours, however, it’s very much effectual. You’ll enjoy 30 hours unfailingly also it ensures it by decreasing the max volume a little.

It as well contains a steadfast button to activate noise canceling & Bluetooth. Unluckily, the confined arrangement & the strange location of the volume panels aren’t as spontaneous and might consume a certain time to become used to.

Audio Quality

It arrives containing exclusive dynamic 45 mm drivers that guarantee a potent as well as crunchy music listening experience for the operators. It has a very pleasant equilibrium among mids & highs.  

However, its response to the bass proves it amazingly different from other models. Seriously, it is difficult to make a distinction between top-level headphones & the Cowin E7 Pro.

All the additional features grouped with ‘Active Noise Cancellation create an appealing & wonderful audio experience.

As you know, the E7 Pro is the successor of Cowin E7 that delivers improved audio quality as well as improved noise-canceling competencies than its ancestor.

Moreover, it is offering extreme quality features all at a reasonable rate.


This wonderful wireless headset has a noise-lessening profundity of 30db that is a great upgrade above the 28db of Cowin E7. Anybody chatting around you won’t be as clear or disrupting. You’re receiving a superior general presentation improvement.

Even yet, there is something that hasn’t acquire a visible upgrade, and it is its mic.

Because of its general performance, audio quality, battery timing & noise separation abilities, we might effortlessly admit this headphone as owing countless significance.

It is particularly correct if you don’t have a wish to devote great money on a costly pair of headphones, however, you still, need superior headphones. Although it favors noise cancellation above sound quality, you would still adore the music extra amusingly than you’d with a low-priced set of earbuds.   


This pair of headphones is nicely ventilated & breathable since it doesn’t constantly conceal your ear fully. It would generate extra perspiration than normal if worn while exercising.

However, you might wear it for more than 1 hour, and don’t worry about the temperature variance because it is a little extra ventilated than the usual closed-back models.

Unluckily, it isn’t the perfect model for athletics. On the contrary, if you want to use headphones for sports, an open-back or in-ear model is a better choice.


Different from the other headphone models, this headset doesn’t bend to consume less space. It comprises the bigger size in the line of over-ear models containing marginally large size that isn’t useful to transport easily.

Although, the ear cups place flat as they are rotatable, however, it takes extra space. Consequently, you would essentially require a case to take them on travel.

For your convenience, the Cowin E7 Pro arrives including an excellent however large solid case. It presents much more safety to the headphones as compared to the bag comprised in the box of the original E7.

Although, it isn’t a comfortable case to take around however would guard the headphones against scrapes, falls, effects & slight water harm.    


This pair of headphones is above-regular firm & constant. It has a comparatively snug fitting on particular head sizes that tells it won’t move more throughout unplanned listening periods.

On the other hand, they aren’t outdoor headphones, because of their large size they move a lot throughout energetic deeds. Consequently, it isn’t the perfect model for running, etc. About the good thing, Cowin E7 Pro is wireless, hence, it won’t become tugged off your head as the wire is hanged on something. 

Frequency Response

How can we forget the frequency response feature while reading the Cowin E7 Pro review?

The E7 Pro comprises very excellent frequency response reliability. In the bass, the extreme nonconformity through our 5 human focuses is lower than 2dB that is good. It correspondingly comprises a very reliable supply in the treble range also the reaction doesn’t alter greatly through compound re-seats & locations.     

The treble range presentation of this model is great. The reaction is somewhat jagged all through the range, particularly in mid-treble. The wide slope in low-treble lessens the feature & expression of lyrics & main tools.

  • Improved presentation than its ancestor
  • Up to 30 hours of battery timing with a complete charge
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent music listening experience
  • Not useful for workout & outdoor sports

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In this Cowin E7 Pro review, we tried our best to describe every feature and characteristic of the product. It is a budget-friendly set of noise-canceling headphones.

Moreover, it won’t disappoint you while you want to sink in the world of melody as well as relish particular tunes for constant 30 hours. Although, its mic isn’t good, yet noise-cancellation is of the finest quality.

An extended battery life, a durable enough construct, comfy ear cups, brilliant audio quality, excellent bass response & wireless Bluetooth connectivity create a pleasant listening experience.

After reading this Cowin E7 Pro review, we hope you got help to decide whether it ensembles your requirements or not.

If you have any queries, demands & ideas about the Cowin E7 Pro review don’t hesitate to drop a comment below in the comment section. We would love to reply as soon as possible.

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