Raycon vs Airpods – The Ultimate Comparison

Airpods were certainly not the first wireless earbuds to hit the market but it surely skyrocketed the popularity of such products. Ever since Apple has announced them, everybody wants a pair and for the right reasons. The audio quality on the Airpods is matchless and the convenience is beyond what we ever imagined.

The users no more have to untangle the wire or be mindful about it while listening to their favorite music and podcasts. However, as of now, other companies have also tried their hands at it and one product that stands out is Raycon. Naturally, people started a debate on Raycon vs Airpods which is what we would try to settle.

So, Raycon vs Airpods, which pair of earbuds is the best? Is there a straightforward answer? I’m afraid not. When it comes to earbuds there are a lot of subjective factors at play. And which set is best, largely depends on the user’s personal preferences.

Now since each individual has different preferences one cannot simply conclude the winner from this Raycon vs Airpods debate. However, what we can do is to compare both objectively and let the users decide which set suits them the best.

The purpose of this article on Raycon vs Airpods is not to name a winner but to outline all the features these earbuds provide. How do these earbuds differ from each other and what are the things each pair is best at. The point is, the users should know what they are getting into before making the decision. By the end of this Raycon vs Airpods, we hope you would be able to make the informed choice regarding Raycon vs Airpods. So, let’s jump straight into Raycon vs Airpods.

The Key Differences- Raycon earbuds vs Airpods comparison

LidSmooth and easy to openLocked via magnet
ColorWhite4 different colors
Tips3 silicone ear tips5 silicone gel tips
Playtime5 hours6 hours
Battery life24 hours36 hours
CompatibilityiOS onlyUniversal
NoiseActive Noise CancellationNoise Isolation
Water ResistanceNoYes
Touch functionsYesYes

This comparison table also highlights what we have discussed earlier. Raycon is better at some while Airpods are excellent at others. Let’s talk more about it in the coming section of Raycon vs Airpods.

Comparison of Individual Features- Raycon vs Airpods

The Difference Between Designs- Raycon vs Airpods

The cases these earpieces come in are compact and lightweight. However, the finishing in both these cases is different with Raycon being matte and Apple’s being plain white. Although both look quite decent, I like the Raycon better. Furthermore, Rayon’s case has a magnetic lid that opens and closes with a sharp click.

Apple’s case, on the other hand, is very smooth, something that can be easily opened. Plus, it stays open much better than its Raycon counterpart. The only thing I do not like about this apple design is its plain white color. However, the cover of Airpods does quite a nice job of covering this up.

The earpieces of both models sit in the case via magnet so you do not have to worry about their falling off the case. In case you lose the case, you can get it on Apple’s store while Raycon does not provide such an option and you would have to purchase the entire new set.

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Moving on, both these earpieces have wireless charging cases. Though with Apple, you get the option of a wired one as well. Features in both wireless and wired cases are pretty much the same except for the compatibility with Qi mat. The wired one is not compatible with the Qi charging mat.

What makes this handsfree truly different from each other is their charging ports. The Apple, obviously, uses a lightning port while the Raycon uses a USB Type C port. Although both of them are equally fast, it all comes down to what type of charger you already own. No one is going to purchase a separate charger just to charge their earbuds.

Furthermore, Raycon offers their earbuds in five different colors while Apple does not give you this liberty. You can choose between frost white, flare red, rose gold, carbon black, and electric blue.

The looks of both earbuds are stylish and attractive but are different from each other. The Airpods are sleek and slim while the Raycon offers them in a roundish and curvy design and has a shorter stem than their Apple counterparts.

How Rayon vs Airpods Far Against Each Other In Fitting and Comfort?

Fitting and Comfort are the features that set good earbuds apart from bad ones. It all comes down to how these fit and how long can one wear them without getting any sort of pain. As discussed earlier in the Raycon earbuds vs Airpods comparison, both of these are quality earbuds and hence provide decent comfort and fitting. However, with that being said, if we compare both the Raycon certainly gets ahead because of some subtle differences.

Although the Raycon earbuds are a bit bulky and rounded, they fit very neatly and are soft on the ears. The Airpods, on the other hand, might need a little adjustment but they do a fantastic job of covering the entirety of the ear canal. Plus, you do not have to worry about Airpods being dislodged when you move around or even run. Not that Raycon does not do so but users seem to like Airpods better in this regard.

The area where Airpods lose some points is the comfort as they do not have any cushioning. However, they do come with three sizes of silicone tips, large, medium, and small. Thus, you can use the one that fits comfortably in your ears.

The Raycon earbuds, on the other hand, come with five gel tips which are far more superior than silicone tips when it comes to comfort. Moreover, they are very lightweight and designed in a manner that does not let you get fatigued even after long hours.

Which One of Raycon vs Airpods Stands the Test of Durability?

Be it the Airpods or the Raycon, they do not come cheap. And it is only natural to worry about how these earbuds stand the test of time. Generally, the durability depends on a lot of different factors including the type of usage, number of accidental falls, and where you use them. Fortunately, both of these earbuds can withstand minor wear and tear which makes them very durable.

With either of these earbuds, you would get at least two years of usage on average. Plus, these earbuds come with one year of warranty that covers all sorts of manufacturing defects. The point is, you would not regret the investment.

Which of Raycon vs Airpods offer Superior Audio Quality?

Audio Quality is of utmost importance for anyone who is planning to get a set of earbuds. And you would be glad that both these earbuds provide an excellent and impressive audio quality. These are the earbuds that would take your experience of listening to music to a whole nother level.

However, if you want me to be a little specific, the Raycon earbuds provide high bass and the low notes sound much better on them. If you are a fan of acoustic music these earbuds would make you fall in love with them.

The Airpods, on the other hand, try to keep the sound balanced. Plus, they are a little louder than Raycon.

Overall, the sound quality in both these earbuds is quite amazing. It is loud, clear, and balanced which would work just as well for calls and podcasts as they are for music. They do, however, tend to distort some high notes, but hey, nothing is perfect. Or is it?

The Noise Cancellation in Raycon vs Airpods Review

Neither Airpods nor Raycon comes with active noise cancellation. They do however have noise isolation and cancellation respectively. So, which one does a better job? It depends on subjective experience. Some users tend to like Airpods better while others have their inclination towards Raycon.

There is a good chance that you would not have to worry about noise cancellation in both earbuds. However, in case it does not do it for you, you can always upgrade to the next generations which have active noise cancellation in them.

The Connectivity in Raycon vs Airpods Review

We all know that all Apple’s accessories are only compatible with iOS devices and it is the same with Airpods as well. The Airpods connect with iOS devices with single-step connectivity and can even pop out the virtual assistant Siri for you. To connect with the iOS device, all you have to do is to take them out of the case and it will connect with the iOS device that is nearest. You would hear a little sound in the earbuds when it connects.

The Raycon earbuds on the other hand are universally compatible and connect with pretty much all the devices via Bluetooth. Be it windows, android, TV, or iOS, the connection would be seamless. The process is two steps but quite simple. You have to pair them with the device the first time and after that the moment you pull them out of the case, they will automatically connect. On connection, these earbuds produce a sound that says the brand name.

The Bottom line of this Raycon vs Airpods Comparison, Airpods connect only with iOS devices while Raycon can connect with pretty much all the devices. So, if you are someone who is on an android or planning to switch to it, Raycon earbuds are a good choice.

Raycon vs Airpods Comparison of Battery Life

Battery life is probably just as important as the audio quality of the earbuds. No matter how good the audio quality is if the earbuds do not have an effective battery, it is of no use. However, fortunately, both the earbuds discussed in this Airpods vs Raycon have great battery life. But if we compare the two Airpods vs Raycon, the latter seems to have better battery life.

Raycon earbuds provide a battery life of about 6 hours and with the charging case, it becomes about 24 hours. The case can charge the earbuds about three times which is more than enough. The case uses lithium-ion batteries which you would get in the package. Although it can charge wirelessly, the charging mat does not come with it.

The Airpods, on the other hand, provide 5 hours of battery time and like Raycon 24 hours with the case. What I like about its case is the LED located at the top of it which indicates the charging level and status.

Conclusion – Raycon Earbuds vs Airpods

Raycon and Airpods are really great sets of earbuds. Be it the quality of audio, durability, or convenience they stand out. However, in comparison between Raycon Earbuds vs Airpods, you realize that where there are similarities between the two there are some subtle differences as well. And knowing those differences is quite important before making the purchase.

The Raycon is more comfortable than Airpods but does not have the sensors to control the earbuds. Apple on the other hand provides those sensors but takes the liberty of connecting with devices other than iOS away from you. So, the point is, one must take all these differences into the account. In the end, it all comes down to an individual’s choice but it should be an informed choice rather than an arbitrary one.

So, folks, this is all that we had on the Raycon vs Airpods. We hope this has cleared your confusion around the subject. In case we have left something unanswered or you have something to add, let us know in the comment section. We would love to respond. Thank you!

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