Best Headphones for Vive – [10 Highly Compatible Picks]

Currently, Virtual Reality is very common in technology-addicted people. Moreover, it is achieving more & more fame in the market. With good quality headphones, you might enjoy 3D games and movies also practice a good listening experience.

To enjoy extra entertainment with the best VR headphones you might purchase the finest headphones also.

Searching for the best headphones for Vive is a difficult task. If you do blunders in selecting the correct pair of headphones, you won’t be capable enjoy fully.

Moreover, if you allow your headphones to drip plenty of sound from the external world, you can’t plunge yourself in the virtual reality world.

Consequently, before selecting headphones, it’s significant to comprehend whether a headphone might terminate the external interruptions or not.

These kinds of headphones are correspondingly recognized as noise termination headsets. To assist you in discovering the correct models of wireless headphones, we have compiled a list of the best Virtual Reality headphones.

Selection of the best VR headphone is a key part to delight in virtual reality. If they’re painful or allow plentiful sound to leak in or if they don’t fit appropriately, then the magic VR generates is incomplete.

Keeping it in mind, you’ll need headphones which present perfect noise termination, either passively or actively. They would allow dipping you extra professionally into the world of virtual reality, as blocking the noises of the actual world out.

Different from normal headphones, best VR headphones are precisely manufactured to function with VR equipment.

Using wrong or painful headphones might lead to mislay the charm of technology, causing an absence of enjoyment & engagement.

Best Headphones for Vive | Top 10 Picks

Headphones Available Colors Brand Names Price
Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Black Audio-Technica Check Price
Stealth 350VR Limited Edition, Original Ver. Turtle Beach Check Price
PlayStation Gold Black, Fortnite Black, Fortnite White PlayStation Check Price
Sennheiser HD 4.40 Black Sennheiser Consumer Audio Check Price
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Black, Silver Bose Check Price
Sennheiser HD1 Black, Ivory Sennheiser Consumer Audio Check Price
Sennheiser HD 569 Black Sennheiser Consumer Audio Check Price
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Black , Ivory Sennheiser Consumer Audio Check Price
Bose Noise Cancelling Headset 700 Arctic White, Silver Luxe, Triple Black Bose Check Price
Edifier H840 Black, Blue, White Black with Microphone Edifier Check Price

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Headphone

best headphones for vive

Audio Technica’s M40x pair of headphones is one of the best options to practice with the HTC Vive.  It contains all the qualities which make it the best headphone for Vive.

Luxurious Comfort

This headset comprises all those qualities which provide you comfort as well as enjoyment simultaneously. They have mitigated ear cups, besides they are so lightweight and comparatively smaller that you would disremember you’re using them.

An additional fact for coziness as well as better-quality audio, also, is the point that its ear cups rotate up to 90 degrees. This quality offers you the facility to set them for the finest sound & impression.

Detachable Audio Cable

Similar to all of the models which we’ve itemized here, it features a detachable audio wire. Moreover, it allows you to swap it with a smaller one.

Thus, it doesn’t involve in your way when you combat with baddies or watching at the wonderful surrounding in virtual world.

Additionally, the M40x don’t arrive including several wires. So, it creates it’s comfortable to substitute wires while your wire breaks down or you want a diverse length.

Obviously, the M40x best headphones for Vive are the ancient form of M50x.  However, they yet comprise the identical resilient construct, comfy, ergonomic style, also excellent audio quality.

Reasonable Price

If you compare M40x with the M50x, you would see that M50x headphones surpass with bass. On the other hand, the M40x contain a comprehensive sound juncture.

Furthermore, the M40x headphone is as well inexpensive by $50. Consequently, it offers you a choice while your budget is tight.

Generally, the M40x headset is an economy choice than M50x including alike sound quality & features.

  • Strong construction
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • 90-degree rotating ear cups for comfortable one-ear monitoring
  • The finest headband material offers extra durability & comfort
  • Perfect sound for DJ, studio, and live
  • Good fit for prolonged usage
  • Sometimes becomes a bit hot

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2. Stealth 350VR Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

best headphones for htc vive

Stealth 350VR is a wireless best headphone for Vive which fits distinguished construction. The design of these headphones is accurate as well as the entire controls fixed on the ear.

Battery Driven Extension

The Stealth 350VR contains battery-driven extension which boosts the involvement. The battery incorporated in this headphone is influential besides might provide an enjoyment of about 30 hours with a solo charge.

Substitutable Wire

The wire substitution feature sorts this model a multipurpose gadget. Also, you might connect it with lots of devices such as PC & gaming consoles. All you need to do is exchange the wire, and that is all.

Its over-ear style increases the influence of its speakers, besides, audio quality becomes heightened mechanically. You would sense the impressive lows as well as the crunchy highs using these best headphones for Vive.

Lightweight Design

While it arises to general mass, you would adore Stealth 350VR headphones. Its weight is only 1.1 pounds, so, you would not ever sense any types of pressure or strain on your head.

Stealth 350VR is extremely suggested to the consumers who don’t like to show money on their headsets. The gadget functions wirelessly, also, you won’t feel the difficulties of the wires while practicing with a VR set.

  • Functions for up to 30 hours with a single charge
  • Noise-canceling microphone for clear chat
  • Detachable wire can be removed while not in use
  • Padded material for comfort and ease
  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Mislays its grip on the head after a little period of usage

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3. PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

best headset for htc vive

From the highest bangs to the lowest murmurs, you’ll practice each element of your beloved games with these best headphones for Vive. The PlayStation has a superb and great reliability which retains the babble approaching by the hidden noise terminating microphone.

Headphone Friendly App

Using the headphone friendly App you might pay attention to chat audio and game audio at the same time. You may practice the chat / sound key to regulate the qualified volume of chat audio vs. game audio

These certified Sony-manufactured headphones are flawless apt for the PlayStation VR headset as well as PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation headphones have such amazing features which definitely apt contentedly with VR headset.  Besides, the friendly app allows you to download different audio modes modified exactly for particular games.

best headphones for vive

Digital Sound

They present digital 7.1 sounds for actually involving games, besides might be practiced either wirelessly or with the comprised 3.5mm wire.

It comprises with finger-organized Move Controllers so; you might enjoy films & TV with a cinema-like format at 120 Hz.

You might as well watch films plus play games on PS VR without using the headset, with the Social Screen.

Incorporated Microphone

There’s as well an incorporated microphone thus, you may talk with a companion player. Actually, PlayStation Gold is for the people who relish PS4 virtual reality games.

Moreover, if you love VR practices, and particularly if you previously possess the PlayStation 4 & 5, this model is perfect for you.

These are the best headphones for Vive and also perfect for the VR headsets. Furthermore, they are the most reasonable as well as individual VR headset presently offered even including the amount of the console.

  • Comfortable to use for hours
  • Easy to use system
  • Comparatively reasonable priced
  • Headphone friendly App
  • Lightweight
  • Brilliant sound quality
  • Not Bluetooth supported headphone

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4. Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

best vive headphones

This pair of headphones arrives by a trustworthy trademark, and presents a wireless battery life of up to 25 hours. Moreover, it has an around-ear style that definitely transports relaxation to your lengthy VR gaming periods.

Bluetooth Pairing

The HD 4.40 Bluetooth headset is a wireless model engaging Bluetooth 4.0 & aptX machineries to provide brilliant Hi Fi sound. It structures NFC for easy pairing of friendly gadgets.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology presents better wireless sound class as well as a consistent connection too.

Moreover, you can make stress-free Bluetooth pairing by practicing (NFC) with well-matched smart gadgets.

Branded drivers fitted in HD 4.40 Wireless headphones transport comprehensive and harmonious sound including pleasingly energetic bass. Also, the listening periods are amazingly pleasure – no matter the type of genre.

Ear Cup Attached Controls

This best headphone for Vive delivers comfort of practice as well as suitability, cheers to spontaneous ear cup attached controls. These controls allow you to make calls as well as change tracks through the incorporated microphone.

Furthermore, usage comfort is guaranteed as they comprise ergonomically planned ear cushions. For decent sound quality and finest comfort, regulate ear cushion position over headband to correctly equal the magnitude of head.

Side-rotating ear mugs as well as a strong bendable headband style assure that you can neatly store it in its provided defensive case.

Excellent Battery Life

The HD 4.40 headphones have exceptional battery life, allowing auditors appreciate brilliant sound quality for about 25 hours. Also, the battery free listening feature is as well offered through a provided removable wire.

The HD 4.40 best headphone for Vive is prepared with features which deliver wireless liberty of the movement and brilliant sound quality.

  • Bluetooth pairing and aptX technology for improved sound quality
  • Earcup fitted controls deliver usage comfort
  • About 25 hours of battery life and battery-free listening experience
  • Well-matched with tablets and smartphones
  • Comfortable to wear for longer periods
  • Provides wireless liberty
  • Noise-canceling feature is not up to the mark

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5. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth Headphones

best htc vive headphones

Bose QC 35 II proved its designation in the market by its striking features. Also maximum of the purchasers not ever ponder any 2nd opinions while purchasing Bose manufactured products.

Incorporated Alexa Support

This pair of headphones comprises integral Alexa support, which the consumers might practice without any complications. You might provide instructions to the virtual assistant, then it would execute rendering to your requirements.

Moreover, you might practice auto-power on as well as particular whimsical features available in Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

If you want to enjoy decent sound quality as well as luxury, then Bose QC 35 II is a best option for you. As the headphones function with Alexa, you might create stuffs extra contented with your speech instructions.

Bose Connect App

The incorporated Bose Connect app is offered for iOS and Android functioning system. So, you might download Bose app to cope uncountable settings associated to your headphones.

Moreover, you don’t have to do any rocket-science for pairing with this model. Simply, turn on the Bluetooth of your gadget, and you might pair with it.

Noise Canceling Microphones

The noise-terminating double microphones might professionally handle all the outside clatter and provide you unbelievable effects.  The consumers might receive calls and might appreciate online game talks with double microphones integrated in these best headphones for Vive.

There are 3 sensational colors offered for this headphone. Besides, its headband is adaptable, so, you might position it on the head without any troubles.

  • First-class noise termination for an improved listening experience
  • Alexa support for speech approach to information, music, and much more
  • Noise-declining double microphones for clear and spontaneous voice & sound
  • Stress-free Bluetooth pairing with several other devices
  • Access to future updates via Bose Connect App
  • The best headphones for Vive
  • Expensive

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Have a look at:)

6. Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Headphones

best headphones for vive

The innovative HD1 Bluetooth headphones allow you to practice clear and pure sound quality with no attached cables. This great-resolution product fixes the standard for presentation, elegance & luxury in the group of wireless headphones.

Bluetooth Technology

Similar to other models, this best headphone for Vive is also comprised of Bluetooth technology. Moreover, the manufacturing proficiency guarantees that the signature sound of Sennheiser stays integral.

Moreover, the wire is absolutely removable besides might be substituted if needed.

Also, the Bluetooth 4.0, touch control, NFC, voice reminders, multi-connectivity and three-way calling are its supplementary features.

Also, the Near Field Communication (NFC) offers unproblematic “at a click” Bluetooth pairing through every NFC-assisted gadget.

This headset offers multi-gadget connectivity as you can connect with two devices at the same time, i.e. computers & smart phones. Also, you might connect with about eight gadgets in the pairing list.

Noise Gard Hybrid

An additional feature which enhances the audio involvement is Noise Gard hybrid. This active noise termination feature practically excludes annoying ambient clatter.

 It comprises 2 year international warranty once bought from an official Sennheiser trader. It is particularly best for the practice with cell phones.

Besides, it offers up to 22 hours of battery life with NoiseRad activate as well as Bluetooth.

Dual Integral Microphones

Your expression would sound pure as well as clear throughout mobile calls cheers to Voice Max. The double integral microphones energetically terminate out outside meddling for flawless talking fluency.

HD1 Wireless headset comprises an iconic structure prepared with finest constituents such as pure leather and stainless steel.

Bulky ergonomically intended ear dishes practice memory spume pads to deliver great coziness for extended listening periods.

Also, the stainless steel circlet is bendable for informal & compressed packing in the provided first-class transport case. You might enjoy these best headphones for Vive anywhere.

  • Immediate Bluetooth pairing with up to 2 devices simultaneously
  • Active noise canceling eradicates all the annoying clatter
  • Two integrated microphones provide flawless sound quality
  • Crystal clear mobile calls
  • The removable and substitutable cable delivers wireless freedom
  • Collapsible design makes it easy to pack and store
  • The noise-canceling feature is not very efficient

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7. Sennheiser HD 569 Closed Back Headphone

Sennheiser HD 569 review

The closed back HD 569 having around ear style transports a supple choice for the Home theater space. It delivers a pure as well as rich bass, enhances extra flexibility and makes it imaginable to relish an occupied individual experience.

In-Line Remote

A real buddy for actual life, this best headphone for Vive allows you to handle mobile calls using the in-line remote. Moreover, you might relish the music every time and everywhere.

Motorized by Sennheiser’s trademarked technology, this model demonstrates really brilliant sound presentation.

This headphone is lightweight however, the strong design, comfortable ear pads and amplified headband provides relaxation and comfort.

Sennheiser manufactured aluminum voice spirals deliver great productivity, brilliant subtleties and really low falsification.

Brilliant Wearing Luxury

Having a large sized design, the HD 569 headset delivers brilliant wearing luxury cheers to the big ear mugs and lenient disposable ear cushions.

Surpassing in usefulness, the HD 569 arrives including 2 removable wires. One of them is a 3-m wire including 6.3-mm conventional socket for home usage.

The additional is a 1.2-m wire including a 3.5-mm conventional socket. However, it comprises a 1-key remote & microphone which allows you to handle calls.

Made with an over-ear style, this best headphone for Vive delivers brilliant wearing luxury even for the extended listening periods.

Moreover, it makes it easy to receive mobile calls, for this feature, cheers to its big ear mugs and disposable ear cushions.

Closed Over-Ear Style

The closed over-ear style offers you 2 advantages:

Firstly, a perfect soundtrack, dazzlingly occupied by Sennheiser’s branded system including pure & great bass reaction.

Secondly, operative sound segregation – external clatter remains out and the melody remains in. Thus, you might appreciate the music devoid of troubling somebody.

  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Bendable and stainless steel headband for easy packing and storing
  • 2-year warranty when bought from a reliable dealer
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Perfect for watching movies and playing games
  • Ear cushion foam is too thin

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8. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Headphone

best headphones for vive

The MOMENTUM is the best headphone for Vive which carries signature sound of Sennheiser with a modernized iconic style.

Stainless Steel Headband

Finest constituents such as stainless steel and actual leather enclosed headband also the ear pads ensure accuracy of artistry and luxury. The innovative collapsible headband delivers better transportability.

 Besides, it offers the melted midrange to great-frequency sounds which set you in the stroke.

The headband stuff confirms your constant relaxation whether you’re going through a little thrill or a lengthy gaming period.

This headset is lightweight, it means that it won’t swamp you down throughout you’re VR-gaming.

Bigger Ear Cups

The innovative ear mugs with memory foam pads provide better-quality noise segregation and great comfort throughout listening periods.

Besides, the pads have perfect design which guarantees a flawless fitting for greatest noise termination. Equally with additional Sennheiser models, you acquire perfect sound quality without any negotiation at all.

MOMENTUM 2 increases the presentation bar for finest smart phone headsets.

Acknowledged for their outstanding sound quality, Momentum 2 headset presents agonizing and clear bass.

Removable Wire

Also, a solo-sided removable wire includes an aligned remote as well as a mic for music controlling and receiving calls. You might avail 2 versions, one for iOS gadgets and the other one is for Samsung Galaxy gadgets and other Android phones & tablets.

Of course, presence of a detachable audio wire is the most significant attention — apart from excellence. It is a requirement, as the audio knave for HTC Vive locates at the back of headphone.

Extended wires would involve in your way, therefore, the aptitude of substituting the comprised wire with a smaller one makes it the best headphone for Vive.

  • Compressed and lightweight design provides the comfort of usage
  • Foldable stainless steel headband helps to pack and store easily
  • 2-year international warranty
  • Well balanced audio quality
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to carry around
  • Brilliant noise cancellation
  • Expensive

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9. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 review

These Bose Noise terminating pair of headphones has justified what wireless headsets might do. This best headphone for Vive is great for weather, navigation, music, and much more.

Alexa Support

You might definitely receive calls as well as communicate to Alexa everywhere. The Bose connect app provides even additional control.

The spontaneous controls make each and everything modest. Moreover, it is easy to handle volume, music and calls simply via clicking the ear cup.

Also, this cool support of  Alexa & Google Assistant makes you remain linked without approaching your phone.

4 Microphone System

An extraordinary 4 microphone organism takes up as well as segregates your voice and terminates the clatter nearby you. So, fix it low to allow extra of the world In, someplace at the medium, or switch it up to wedge out the loud world nearby you.

Signature sound assures you an amazing listening experience at every volume. While you’re actually comforting yourself with soft melody, your music soothes you like it ought to.

Also, the innovative microphone system adjusts to loud & breezy surroundings consequently; your speech all the time becomes clear on calls.

Stainless Steel Headband

These headphones comprise a modernized stainless steel circlet, as well as a lightweight and contented fitting.

This premium design of stainless steel headband let you wear these best headphones for Vive for hours without any comfort issues.

Moreover, this headset contains about twenty hours of wireless battery time with a solo charge. You can get a USB charging wire, an Audio wire, as well as transport case with these Bose Headphones 700.

11 altitudes of active noise terminating allow you to relish videos, podcasts, music and calls without interruptions.

Directly enjoy your specific music period or find out fresh music through holding and clicking the right ear mug.

  • Powerful noise termination
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Extraordinary voice pick up
  • Finest design and comfortable fitting
  • Up to 20 hours of battery time with a solo charge
  • Good material
  • Not foldable design

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10. Edifier H840 Audiophile Headphones

best headphones for vive

Last but not the least in our list comes Edifier H840 Headphones which has excellent studio sound feature.

These best headphones for Vive have amazingly low price tag and offer you the maximum life-like sound quality.

Graceful Design

Highlighted with a modest, typical but graceful design and superb material the H840 headset delivers you whole day luxury.

These headphones have an over-the-ear closed style which intensifies the influence of these noise-terminating headphones.

Moreover, the ergonomic style delivers extraordinary coziness with soft cushioned ear cups.

Pure Sound Quality

Moreover, the pure Sound quality of these headphones ensures a hearing experience which sounds pretty pure & clean.

Overall, this model comprises a great quality sound, and they are lightweight, long-lasting, comfy as well as inexpensive.

Edifier’s H840 creates the finest sound quality which you might expect from these best headphones for Vive.

Having a mixture of excellent sound, attractive design, and charm this model is a perfect fit for people who enjoy excellent music.

Best Entry Level Model

The sensibly attuned stability among high-pitch & bass creates H840 the best entry level display headphones.

Practice your headphones whole day with no worries of uneasiness. Adjust the headband to apt comfortably & firmly on the head.

  • Professional sound quality
  • Lightweight design
  • Soft ear cups for comfortable wearing
  • Flexible & soft material
  • Adaptable fitting
  • Very reasonable price
  • Material is not durable

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Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing the best headphones for Vive, you must keep particular important aspect in your mind.

Maximum of us are tied with our gadgets for at minimum portion of the day. Enjoying songs or watching movies on a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Headphones have converted something extra than just an equipment. They’re just about an addition of us.  So, the correct pair would allow you to enjoy the music on a ride or watch a night-time film without upsetting your sleeping mate.

If you’ve consumed years using the low-priced pair you purchased from a discount store, it’s time to deliberate an upgrade. Moreover, you have plenty of options nowadays.

From little, in-ear headsets which would slide into your pocket to large, around-the-ear models which might benefit dunk you in great-quality sound.

Also, as the Bluetooth has come to be the standard, there are motives to contemplate a underwired pair of headphone.

While selecting the finest headphones, a number of individual preferences are involved.  However, clear sound quality is vital to more or less everybody.

On the other hand, financial plan, ease, as well as additional features matter, also.

Your selection of headsets is as considerable about your way of life as it is about your budget. Particular people purchase dissimilar styles for dissimilar consumptions.

For example, you might have one pair for workout and an additional for Vive. So, it is important to deliberate your convenience as well as budget to get a pair for you.

Guidelines on Searching the Correct Headphones

You might deliberate some of the instructions given below to get the best headphones for Vive.

Collapsible Design

Almost every pair of headphones is officially “transportable,” however; we mention the word to define little and lightweight products.  

So, if you choose a collapsible design, it might insert away in your purse while not in practice.

The studio style larger headphones with 2 ear mugs attached by an adaptable circlet are easy to pack and store in transport pouches.

Collapsible headphones are larger; however the finest quality models incline to be this elegance.

Occasionally smaller and extra transportable headphones lack good sound quality; however, they are absolutely convenient. If you want particular harmony and peaceful gaming at home, prefer headphones including active noise termination technology.

Better Sound Quality

Try the headphones before purchasing if you can. However, if you purchase online, check return procedures to confirm that you can return or exchange your product for alternative model.

In this way, you can check the sound quality as well as the fit of headphone on your head. Around-the-ear headphones are perfect for enjoying at home.

Wired Models

For solemn music listening experience, we vouch for one of the advanced-graded wired headphones. We discover that several wireless models function well, besides particular of them comprise brilliant sound quality.

On the other hand, still we haven’t discovered any wireless model which delivers the audible transparency of the finest wired headphones.

A Headphone which Apt Every Ear

Selecting the correct style of headsets is an extremely individual choice. Lots of listeners feel relaxed using the earphones which set in the ear vessel.

Also, some people like ear sprouts which fix in the vessel of the ear, however others feel them annoying. Particular consumers like over-the-ear headphones, whereas some hesitate with their size and protest that they hinder with glasses.

Be contingent to what you want to practice them for, and find the style which ensembles your particular requirements.

Bluetooth Technology

The capability to display your phone (and additional audio) through Bluetooth from your headset is a beneficial feature. While at the same time you might use a lag-free, separate connection for games as well.

However, it often enhances a quality onto the rate. Still you take a lot of benefits through Bluetooth as it makes your listening experiences more comfortable.

So, always try to choose a Bluetooth empowered best headset for HTC Vive.

 Over-Ear Headphones

These types of headphones arrive in 2 styles. “Sealed back” styles comprise closed ear mugs and preserve in additional sound & soften ambient clatter.

On the other hand, they probably likewise wedge out particular affects you need to listen to, like a ringtone of phone or a doorbell. “Open back” model comprises openings in its ear mugs, and they deliver the sound a purer, extra regular sensation.

Moreover, they push in added outside sound, besides clatter drains out also, maybe sufficient to bother somebody around.

On-the-Ear Headphones

These types are naturally lightweight as compared to over-ear headphones.  Besides they snug on your ears and not on the edges of your head.

Particular consumers feel them like extra contented as compared to over-ear headphones. Also, they feel that they are not making their ears hot throughout the extended listening periods.

On-ear models, like over-ear headphones, as well include sealed-back & open-back variations, however, they frequently push in additional external clatter.

Actually, the reason is that they naturally don’t fit as snug of a closure with your ear. Particular of them might bend for storing as well as available including transport cases.

In-Ear Headphones

This is actually another type of headphones which is also very convenient to use for HTC Vive. Occasionally, termed “ear buds” and earphones, in-ear earpieces are maybe the maximum mutual kind of earphone currently.

The “ear pods” which arrive in a case including every fresh iPhone have created them an essential addition. From the door to lecture room, most of university students make sure to keep their earphones, wallets, keys and cell phone.

Moreover, the dissimilarity among on-ear, over-ear and in-ear headphones is as well worth keeping in consideration.

In-ear headphones denote to ear sprouts which fix into the ear, however on-ear denotes to maximum headsets which position on your ears themselves.

Over-ear headsets are bigger also completely cover your ear. This type of earphones might occasionally be very bulky and don’t set above a VR headset.

Because of their little size, in-ear earphones acquire the uppermost position while talk about the transportability. Particular of them arrive including a collapsible case.

However, for most users, it’s easy to wrap the wire around the fingers and then throw them in the pocket or bag.

Knotting might be a problem, though, therefore, search for some in-ear headphones with hassle-free wires.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What are the features to check while purchasing the headphones for VR games?

The vital features to check in a headphone before purchasing it for VR games are:

  • Noise cancelation
  • Less audio spin
  • Insubstantial material
  • Removable mic
  • Rich voice quality
  • Comfortable fitting

2. Is noise cancelation essential for the Virtual Reality headphones?

Absolutely, noise terminating is needed for the best Vive headphones since that would support you to concentrate on your games in a good manner.

Each and every model on this list comprises the noise cancelation/ isolation feature. This feature helps to wedge outside clatters as well as delivers a perfect listening experience.

3. What is the HTC Vive?

The HTC Vive is one of the finest virtual reality headsets. You might connect it to a laptop or a PC that controls the VR practice.

Moreover, it practices a variety of sensors to path the operator’s spot. It is paired with controls and they are as well trailed.

4. Can you practice your individual headphones with HTC Vive?

You might practice your particular USB Type-C well-matched headphones with the VIVE. If you need to practice well-matched 3.5mm headphones, you would require a USB Type-C and 3.5mm acoustic-electric plug.

Firstly, eliminate the earphones of the headset; if not, sound would still originate out from that.

5. Should i purchase headphones or ear buds?

If you like to appreciate the great-quality sound and virtual reality experience in one piece, headphones are your superlative choice.

They’re moreover perfect for relishing melodies at home. However, if you’re doing exercise at a gym or traveling, earbuds are better as they are lightweight & portable.


Make your experience of Virtual Reality up to the advanced level practicing these great-quality and best headphones for Vive on our list.

They would not only deliver you the finest audio quality which is factual to whatever movie you’re watching or game you’re playing.

Also, on the other hand, they would as well increase your general experience to the top it’s always existed.

Currently, you might understand how these headphones position out among their rivals. All of them have good-quality constituents, technology, as well as attractive styles to ensemble every lifestyle.

In conclusion, the best headphones for Vive terminate out completely the external clatter. Besides, they assist you to practice an innovative & electrifying game, film, and VR practice with great quality sound.

Particular of the models mentioned here have possibilities of smaller wires.  Consequently, you don’t need to worry about additional cables dangling nearby adding lots of mess.

These models have price ranges from 60$ to 500$, therefore, you can find here everything obtainable according to your budget.

So, which BT headphone did you like and going to purchase from our list of the finest preferences? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments segment below.

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