AKG K240 Review – Still Provides Excellent Value in 2022?

If you are a tech-geek you would probably know that AKG is one of the oldest top-tier companies that manufactures audio equipment. Over the years their products have touched unprecedented heights of popularity and one such product was AKG K240. It was released back in the 1970s and took the world by storm. Just recently, AKG has remodeled it and released a new product AKG K240. A lot of hype has been built around it and in this AKG K240 review, we would see if that hype translates into performance.

In a nutshell, AKG k240 is the pair of headphones that you can trust. It is an affordable option that does not compromise on quality. It features a semi-open design that can reproduce accurate sound. The headphones lack when it comes to sub-bass response which would not suit someone who wants a neutral response around the spectrum.

There is more to the AKG K240 review which would find out in a bit but before getting into it let’s look at the potential benefits and drawbacks of these headphones.

  • Lightweight
  • Replacement parts are readily available
  • Excellent clarity in the vocals
  • Headband is comfortable to wear
  • Affordable
  • No piercing or sibilant peaks
  • Detachable XLR Cable
  • Self-adjusting headband
  • Stiffer padding
  • Lacks sub-bass response

Specification Table- AKG K240 Review

PlugStereo mini-plug
Cord length3m
Sensitivity104 dB/mW
Driver Unit30mm
Power Capacity200 mW
DiaphragmVar motion

AKG K240 Review- In depth Discussion

The specification of the given product seems promising but do they actually translate into performance? Let’s find out.

Design of the KG240- AKG K240 Review

K240 features a simple semi-open design with no bells and whistles attached to it. The Golden rings around the earpieces do make it stand out but apart from that, there is nothing extraordinary. It features a 30mm single dynamic driver on each side and has a Varimotion diaphragm.

Furthermore, the key material used in these headphones is plastic but it is not cheap by any means. I have accidentally dropped mine a number of times and it has survived even the nastiest of ones. That being said, the durability of the headphones is not as good as the other models in the K lineup. The AKG K712, for example, uses more metal which makes it relatively robust. However, the price of K712 is also quite high so the comparison is really not warranted.

Moreover, the headphones come with two years of manufacturer warranties. Although you would not need it, it simply shows the confidence of the company in their products.

Cable of the KG240- AKG K240 Review

AKG has attached a cable of 3m, generous length, with the K240. It is rounded, single-sided, and features a rubberized finish. However, what stands out is the fact that this cable can be detached, a feature that is rare in budget headphones. Furthermore, the cable is pretty thick which makes it resistant to accidental jerks and consequently increases its durability.

Furthermore, the cable does not produce any noise when it touches some part of your clothes or skin. This may not sound like a big deal but try getting a cheap set of headphones you will realize how annoying it can get.

Comfort and Fit of KG240- AKG K240 Review

KG 240 is surprisingly comfortable to wear for its price. It weighs just about 234 grams which do not make you feel heavy. And most importantly, all the paddings on the headphones are nicely crafted. The paddings fit nicely around the ear without causing any discomfort or pain despite wearing these for hours. Although the paddings become a little frayed over time, they would work just as well as the new ones. The aesthetics might get compromised but there is only so much one could get in this budget.

Furthermore, the band of the headphones contributes to the comfort as well. It is self-adjusting which means it can flex itself according to the shape of your head which works surprisingly well. Suspension on the headphones also stands out because of their design that mimics the gimble. It is flexible and strong but does not press against your ears while you are listening to your favorite music.

Replacement Parts of the KG240- AKG K240 Review

If I have to single out one feature of these headphones it would be the availability of its parts. I mean, who does that in these times! Your cable breaks or your ear cups wear out, the good news is, you can always find a replacement.

Features of KG240- AKG K240 Review

As discussed earlier, it is a very simple and basic design with no extraordinary features. And it is partly the reason these headphones come at such an affordable price. You would not get noise cancellation, Bluetooth, or water resistance on this model. However, what you do get is the quality audio which is matchless in the price bracket.

I was personally surprised with detachable cable as well because generally, it is available only in models that cost 150-200 USD. However, the company has pulled this off somehow which is really commendable.

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Quality of Sound- AKG K240 Review

The quality of the sound on K240 is beyond impressive given that you take the price tag into an account. The semi-open design of the headphones allows an open soundstage and prevents ear fatigue. The sound of these headphones is exceptionally clear for this price tag.

You might have encountered the word “Varimotion” which is the technology that XXL transducers use in the diaphragm of these headphones. It thins the outer edges and makes them more elastic which in turn creates much better detail in the highs and mid along with improving the bass response.

The frequency response range is 15 Hz to 25,000 kHz which means no frequency would go unheard. This is what makes these headphones ideal for mixing in the studio. The best thing is that the headphone is flat and does not distort the audio in any manner.

The thing these headphones, as mentioned before in the AKG K240 headphone review, are not good at is the bass. They do provide accurate sounds to help in mixing but the bass is not something they are built for. Thus, as mentioned earlier in AKG K240 Studio Review, if you want the bass you would have to keep looking.

Noise Isolation- AKG K240 Review

As discussed earlier in the AKG K240 studio review, there is no noise cancellation mechanism that is built into these headphones. However, it is not to say that these do not block any ambient noise. We discussed the design earlier in the AKG K240 headphone review and how cleverly it is made.

It is semi-open that gives you an open soundstage which essentially provides an accurate and detailed response of frequency. The response is more pronounced in the mid and high which we have already discussed above in the AKG K240 headphone review.

The earcups of the headphones close the ear so perfectly that you do get some level of isolation. The ambient noise is not completely blocked but the cups certainly create a barrier between you and the ambient environment. Furthermore, these closed ear cups also prevent the leakage of sound.

Whom do these headphones suit the best- AKG k240 MKII Review

The above discussion in the AKG k240 MKII review suggests that these headphones are very clear but do not provide much bass. Users who are unaffected by sub-bass responses should consider these headphones. Podcasters, for example, like to keep their sessions bass free and this would help. On top of it, the vocal response on these headphones is extremely clear and around which our whole AKG K240 headphones review discussion revolved.

Besides these, music producers who are just starting out their careers should also give these headphones a shot. The accurate frequency response of these headphones would be of great help to such individuals.

Furthermore, these can also be used for casual music listening as long as your favorite genre does not have a lot of basses. However, they are not the ideal headphones for listening to music outdoors. For example, while at the gym, or during the commute. First, they do not have any noise cancellation mechanism. And secondly, as given in the specification table of AKG K240 headphones review, they do not have any water or dust resistance so using them outdoors might cause some damage to them.

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Conclusion- AKG K240 Headset Review

From the above discussion in AKG K240 Headset Review, we can conclude that these are by far the best headsets in this price tag. Yes, there are no gimmicky features installed in these but they are great at what they were made for. The audio quality is impressive except for the bass part which is understandable. And the best thing about these is that the replacement parts are readily available.

So, this is all that we had on the AKG K240 review. We hope this has been helpful. If there is anything you want to add or ask about the AKG K240 review, let us know in the given section. We would love to respond.

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